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5G Mobile technology will bring transformational change to many industries

Advancement in wireless technology typically runs a 20-year lifecycle with a peak around year seven.  For the last 30 years the focus has been about expanding coverage, lowering cost and providing a better quality of data service delivery (i.e. speed!). The next step in mobile technology, 5G, enables a transformational change similar to how the launch of mobile data brought innovation and opportunity to the market.

5G Means Blazing Speed!

5G, which is in the early stage of deployment and won’t begin to scale until 2020, is about enabling new business models in service delivery.  5G is going to deliver wireless internet speeds that are one-hundred times faster than today’s 4G LTE technology (max 20 Gbps vs. 100 Mbps). 5G will enable transmission of large data files (e.g. video) at speeds greater than most have in their homes and offices today, setting the stage for the next wave of the internet of things (IoT) from enhanced sensors to reimagined industry services.

5G Will Transform Services Across Many Industries

5G will deliver new capabilities in mobile health to support remote patient management and image analysis (i.e. field x-rays). For utilities, it will enable real time centralized management of smart city and smart home applications.  In manufacturing and science, it will decouple physicality for robotics control and remote plant management. In the hands of the consumer, it will allow cable companies and alternative home entertainment services to provide instant availability of specific channels and programs while unlocking a new generation of video gaming.

Overall, we should expect an entirely new set of business models being created around a single technology across countless industries. In the background 5G will be supported by enhanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence supporting evolving capabilities in real time.  As Sprosty Network serves clients across these verticals we see firsthand the exponential transformation taking place and will continue to share our learnings as the market for 5G continues to evolve.

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