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Building a Home Automation Business with a $40B Retailer


Home automation is at the forefront of innovation for consumer products, yet many products and services lack a clear value proposition in the eyes of the consumer. Within our client’s private label brands division, there was clear recognition of the soon to be smarthome ecosystem but no clear roadmap on how to quickly enter a market in a state of transition.

Collaboratively working with the client team, Sprosty Network leveraged innovative research tools based on social intelligence and buying behavior coupled with interrogation of complimentary industry leading products and services to identify buying behavior and best practices that were used to define a ‘learned-in’ ecosystem roadmap for new products and services.

Presented with a range of alternative solutions with vastly varying costs of market entry, and the potential risk associated with extending one of America’s leading brand franchises, the client’s private label team selected a business architecture that traded off time and expense in favor of stability and control.

Sprosty Network was successful in helping our client define their success metrics early on, and ensure that there was a strong value proposition in the minds of the consumer. Solving problems, providing savings, extending control and creating a protective cloud for “home piece of mind” was at the heart of value proposition. With the help of Sprosty Network, our client was able to establish themselves as a leader in connected life innovation and product development planning.

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