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Cracking the Code on Scaling Through Retail


The Brief
magicJack is a nationwide wireline telecommunications company and provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Product sales in excess of 12 million devices, along with millions of smartphone downloads of its soft-phone and texting application, have made magicJack a leader in the VoIP industry.

magicJack launched through direct-to-consumer marketing channels with great success, but lacked a clear retail strategy. The company needed help defining and executing a comprehensive bricks-and-mortar expansion plan, leveraging its growing brand awareness and direct marketing success.

The Work
Sprosty Network put its nationwide sales team into action, providing magicJack with immediate store presence in several retailers. Our team then expanded that retail footprint into a portfolio of 25+ retailers with thousands of physical stores. We drove sales with marketing plans optimized to leverage the strengths of each retail partner, and so deliver on jointly developed sales goals.

Sprosty Network managed all facets of each retail relationship, including logistics, merchandising, promotions, inventory forecasting and allocation, employee training and engagement tactics.

The Results
Today magicJack has solid millions of units through our retail partners. Our retail experience opened the VoIP market to magicJack so quickly that competitive products never gained a material foothold. Sales through retail quickly surpassed, and continues to surpass, direct sales volumes.

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