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Scaling Solar Energy Through Retail


The Brief

Sunrun is a leading provider of residential solar solutions across the U.S. Its business has traditionally relied on an installer-network, go-to-market model.

Sunrun tested selling its solar offerings, both as a product and as a “pay-for-electricity-only offer,” at retail with Costco. This first experience led them to target retail distribution as an enormous growth opportunity. But this opportunity would require an aggressive go-to-market strategy and unique customer offers, differentiated and optimized for each retailer.

The Work

Sprosty Network partnered with Sunrun to develop a value-targeted list of retailers and retail customers that love Sunrun’s solar solutions. We then worked with Sunrun to develop both retailer and consumer value propositions and associated financial models unique to each retail channel.

Consumer solar is a new category at retail. Our retail insight drove the business development needed to explore this new category with a wide range of retailers. Our approach connected Sunrun to the right relationship owners for each retailer contacted.

We created sponsorship for this exciting new industry, retailer by retailer. Our successful efforts included building retailer-specific customer experiences and retail profitability projections that map to the growth of consumer solar across the U.S.

The Results

Sprosty Network worked with Sunrun and each retailer to develop retail “scale-up” plans to engage customers and help retail meet aggressive sales goals. Sunrun is now profitably expanding its retail footprint. It has found retail to be a great complement to its existing installer network, go-to-market model.

Now Sunrun is positioned as an anchor solution in the emerging Home Energy category that is new to retail.

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