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Everyone's a Retailer

Everyone’s a Retailer: What Amazon and Others Know that You Can Too

One of Sprosty’s core missions is to help our clients discover new paths to revenue that they can’t see on their own. Because we’ve walked the walk, we can talk the talk. Inevitably, those conversations have two key underlying themes: IoT—the Internet of Things—and Retail. While it oftentimes can be easier for companies to see the IoT connections for their business, they often struggle with the retail aspect. Why is that? After all, don’t all consumer-facing companies need to know the customer in the same way that retailers do? …Read the rest

IoT Growth Chart

Can Every Consumer-Facing Company Be an IoT Company? 5 Lessons from Retail

When you think about the companies that provide Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, utilities and healthcare providers may not be the first to jump to mind. But if not them, who? These types of companies, along with telecom service providers, multinational corporations and others, are uniquely suited to carry the IoT mantle—and there’s a lot they can learn from retailers who have already forged successful paths in this market. Sprosty Partner Rick Rommel recently shared his viewpoints with Retail Touchpoints on how companies need to not only “think like a retailer” when it comes to finding success in IoT but also have the chops to do everything it takes to compete successfully.  Read more of Rick’s thoughts in the complete article.

Will a Telecom System Change Be a Retail Nightmare? What Retailers Need to Know Now

If there’s one thing that people are attached to, it’s their phones—and their phone numbers. Most of us take for granted the fact that we can keep the same number, regardless of whether we change wireless carriers or move to a different geographic region. That’s because local number portability (LNP) is a well-honed process that is virtually seamless to customers. Regardless of whether a customer buys a phone and service from the carrier directly or from a consumer electronics retailer, they experience the same carefully curated process. …Read the rest

Phone Number Portability System is Changing Without a Contingency Plan – Consumers and Retailers Could Pay the Price

The introduction of number portability was a huge win for consumers and retailers. But in just a few weeks, perhaps the single largest change in the past 20 years is coming to the system that enables consumers to keep their phone number, even when switching carriers. But on April 8, 2018 a transition to a completely new infrastructure begins with no contingency plan in place to roll back to the existing system if the transition isn’t seamless. …Read the rest