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Kelly Groehler



Reputation Strategist, Communications and Public Affairs Executive

Kelly’s career has coincided with the trust economy: the rise of consumers’ demands for choice, immediacy, and access; the transformation of media; and the growth of social and environmental transparency. Her effective approach works on the principle that people – employees, customers, shareholders, or communities – want to feel good about their relationships with an organization. Kelly has a keen ability to build and share a clear vision, engage regulators and stakeholders, launch new products and services, build employee and customer trust, and navigate issues and crises – while understanding the realities of operations, regulation, and financial management.

Her work has touched nearly every point on the global supply chain, from component OEMs to global consumer retail at Best Buy. She’s curated and shared great stories of how the products we consume are sourced, made, delivered to market, disposed of, and recycled – with results that go well beyond awareness or foot traffic, and even help to convert risk and issues (such as electronics recycling) into reputation and revenue drivers.

Most recently, she served as vice president of communications and public affairs at Berkshire Hathaway Energy. She shaped its story of the multi-billion dollar investments required to deliver the renewable, sustainable energy choices consumers want, while helping its regulated utilities face new competitors and disruptive technologies (like solar panels).

Kelly has active networks that include sustainability and CSR; startups and venture capital; renewable energy and utilities; media and government relations; manufacturing, supply chain, and retail; and corporate philanthropy, public policy and civic engagement.

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