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RetailXelerator is the first-of-its-kind ‘scale-up’ accelerator, bridging the gap between startups and retail.

Retailers want to bring the latest exciting products from startups to their customers. At the same time, startups are eager to become ‘scaleups,’ securing broad distribution for their goods at retail. But connecting retail to the right innovative startups to bring these new products to market has always been challenging. RetailXelerator aims to remove those challenges.

How it works:


RetailXelerator seeks new companies ready for their ‘second stage’ of growth support through major retailers. This curation occurs in partnership with


Once selected the startup companies are prepped for scale through a 12-week virtual retail-readiness program. This program includes classes, case studies, and workshops led by a range of industry participants to provide the capabilities and support that later-stage startups require to scale quickly.


The program culminates with a retailer portfolio day. Startups are introduced to key retail decision makers and given the opportunity to present refined and retail-ready pitches to major U.S. retailers.

Comparison: RX vs. other startup growth channels

Incubators Angel Investors Accelerators Hybrid RX
Duration 1 to 5 years Ongoing 3 to 6 months 3 months to 2 years 12 weeks
Cohorts No No Yes No Yes
Category focus No focus Situational Seldom Seldom Yes
Business model Rent; nonprofit Investment Investment; can also be nonprofit Investment; can also be nonprofit Scaleup, warrant & cash
Selection  Non-competitive Competitive, ongoing Competitive, cyclical Competitive, ongoing Competitive by class
Venture stage Early or late Early Early Early Late/scaleup
Education Ad hoc, human resources, legal None Seminars Various incubator and accelerator practices 12-week retail graduate school
Mentorship Minimal, tactical As needed by investor Intense, by self and others Staff expert support, some mentoring Coaches, industry mentors, retailers
Venture location On-site Off-site On-site On-site Virtual, plus on-site Portfolio Day
Direct retail participation Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
Scaleup capabilities No No Few Few Yes

Source: “What Do Accelerators Do? Insights From Incubators and Angels” by Susan Cohen, 2013; adaptations by Sprosty Network, 2016

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