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Bridging the Gap between Smart Home / IoT Startups and Major Retail: A Win-Win for Scaleup Growth

It’s been a big couple weeks at Sprosty Network: Our vision to move promising startups to scale with major retailers is ramping up dramatically, as we launched our first RetailXelerator (RX) class. Eight startups, selected from a pool of more than 700 applications and all focused on Smart Home technologies, are in our virtual weekly course to get smart on retail best practices, and prepare to pitch their products in 12 short weeks to the buying decision-makers at Walmart, Amazon, Verizon, and Sears.  …Read the rest

So, You Launched a Startup. But Can You Make It a Scaleup?

Here at the Sprosty Network, we have a rather practiced opinion on the state of startups. We’ve been working with – or at – startup companies for quite some time. And when on the retailer side of the table, we’ve worked in various roles to connect promising “up and coming” products with the mass-scale distribution of major retail – companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Staples and others. …Read the rest