Technology Innovation Scale

5G Mobile technology will bring transformational change to many industries

Advancement in wireless technology typically runs a 20-year lifecycle with a peak around year seven.  For the last 30 years the focus has been about expanding coverage, lowering cost and providing a better quality of data service delivery (i.e. speed!). The next step in mobile technology, 5G, enables a transformational change similar to how the launch of mobile data brought innovation and opportunity to the market.

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Why retailers are losing customers’ trust below the waterline

Like an iceberg, it sits below the water line of contemporary retailing – unseen, and yet threatening. It’s the issue of data security and brand trust, which, if ignored, can do a whole lot more than cut a hole in the hull of today’s business. It can keep you from the profitable blue oceans of customer data, insight and knowledge – today and tomorrow.

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Why did so many energy utilities show up at CES?

Hint, it’s about way more than energy efficiency.

Over 188 thousand people attended CES this year. The giant consumer electronics show continues to evolve to meet the changing demands of consumers along with the channels being used to sell and service them. This is particularly true in the area of IoT and the Connected Home, two areas that continue to drive innovation and disruption.
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Everyone's a Retailer

Everyone’s a Retailer: What Amazon and Others Know that You Can Too

One of Sprosty’s core missions is to help our clients discover new paths to revenue that they can’t see on their own. Because we’ve walked the walk, we can talk the talk. Inevitably, those conversations have two key underlying themes: IoT—the Internet of Things—and Retail. While it oftentimes can be easier for companies to see the IoT connections for their business, they often struggle with the retail aspect. Why is that? After all, don’t all consumer-facing companies need to know the customer in the same way that retailers do? …Read the rest